About Me

Christine Pedley

Some things you might want to know about me before you book me as your Celebrant.  I am an absolute ‘romantic’ – I mean ‘weak at the knees’ romantic.  Always leaving little love notes and red hearts around the house – candles every night for dinner – get the picture?  I adore hearing all the love stories you all tell me – they are all so special – and all so unique.

I live in the Dandenong Ranges and love being with nature – meaning we walk nearly every day in the bush and trees.  Our extended family includes native birds who also call our home – their home. We have a Kookaburra family that brings their new baby to us every year. We have King Parrots that sit on our arms. Rosella’s and Parakeets that love our trees, and the Magpie families that make use of our birdbath and the generosity of what gets thrown to them!

I am a great animal lover – and especially dogs! It takes me so long to go for a walk because I have to stop and pat all the furry friends who want to say hello!

I would like to say I’m a Vegetarian, but I still like fish and chicken – but I’m a great cook – and always create healthy meals. I am very aware of my imprint on this earth – and do all I can to reduce my footprint on this earth. It’s ok – I’m not really a Hippy – just sounds a little that way!

I love life and especially enjoy making other people’s lives happy – whether it’s your Wedding, Vow Renewals or Commitment Ceremonies – I always make it the way you want it – isn’t that the way it’s meant to be?

Why don’t you see for yourself and book a free no-obligation consultation to see if I’m the Celebrant who will provide you with what you want on your day – to remember forever?  Contact me now.