Renewal of Vows

Why wait until it is your 50th anniversary – or even your 25th anniversary,  to publicly – or privately, re-commit your marriage? This is a very moving and exceptionally happy occasion. Yes, it may be a time to reflect and remember, but much more than that, it is also a time to celebrate ‘the now’ and dream your future together.

Imagine being surrounded by friends and family – all these years later – thanking them for support so far, and acknowledging before them – your ongoing commitment to each other.

I help you plan a ceremony or ritual with your unique inclusions. The venue can be your garden, a park, your lounge room, or even a reception venue – it is your choice. There are no legal requirements for this celebration. The only requirement is “love” and the capacity to have a lot of fun!

There are so many beautiful places this can take place – especially in the Dandenong Ranges – just ask me. It can even take place in your own garden or lounge room.

I would love you to contact me so we can discuss how I can help.