What do Celebrant’s Do?



Hey there – welcome to number two Blog for Soulful Ceremonies.

I love Mondays!!

During my (other) working life I didn’t think I would ever say that! But as a Celebrant – I just love Mondays.
It is the day I finish all the final details to the Wedding/s I have officiated during the weekend – and press the submit button. Yes – we are all online now, so all the details of the couples I work with are entered into the Births Deaths & Marriages (BDM) – Celebrants Section, Web Page. And for the Couples who want it (and who wouldn’t – it’s included in my fee) I also order their Official Marriage Certificate.
It takes the BDM up to 4 weeks to register
the marriage and send out the Certificates
                                                                      – straight to the couple’s house.

So once that’s all completed – I sort through all the photo’s that I have snapped along the day of the wedding – and ones others have sent me – kind of reliving the moment, and highlighting what shots will be fantastic for Soulful Ceremonies future use.
The next step is my favourite – I sit quietly and do my serious planning for the coming week. This usuallycomes after my morning meditation – great space to let go of last week – and anticipate the coming week. This may sound a little kitsch – but it is always exciting – knowing what I have planned –

but also anticipating the unknown.
I have no idea who might contact me
during the week – with so many different requests.

I start my planning with the most ‘urgent’ tasks – this might be completing the first draft of a future Ceremony – so the couple can read through – ask any questions or suggest any changes. I keep telling people who are planning their wedding – that it’s their day and their way. It has very little to do with what I like – this is all about crafting the right ceremony for the right people – and every one is unique.
I always ask the couples who choose me as their Celebrant:
“how would you like your guests
to describe your wedding ceremony
after the day?”
And nearly everyone answers that differently – but it provides a goal for me – and I work toward that.
Responding to all my emails and FB and Insta comments is high on the agenda too. I always attempt to respond to any requests or interests, as quickly as I’m able. All the people ‘out there’ who contact me for the first time – need to know I am responsive and reliable
 I have never let anyone down – hope I never do.
I might have several appointments during the week – and all the other office-based work – fits in around my appointments. A typical week might include:
Meeting with a couple for the first time – checking out if we are a good fit to proceed with their wedding plans. I present them with a Folder which holds a lot of information – they get to keep this
Meeting up with couples to sight their ID and complete their Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) – this can be done up to 18 months before their wedding – but no later than one month before
Meeting with a couple to discuss the Outline for their Ceremony – and if they want particular themes throughout their wedding (I once officiated at a wedding of two scout leaders – who both loved Lego – that was specially themed!). The couple then decide  if they want particular readings or rituals and how it   will fit in with exactly what they have planned
Meeting with a couple for a Wedding Rehearsal. Often this is at the Venue where they will get married – but it can also be at home/ in the park or any space available. We get to practice the timing for the bride walking in – and where to stand etc. We practice what it might be like to say the vows to each other (I have a little pretend vow sheet which helps couples to read, and then look into the eyes of their lover). Consider any environmental challenges such as steps, paths etc and work out how to navigate them
Meeting with a couple to sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment. This document must be signed as close to the Wedding as possible, but preferably not on the Wedding Day – many more important things to focus on, rather than signing a form before getting married.
It depends on how many meetings I have for the week ahead, as well as how many hours travel is involved, as to what time I allocate to all the remaining important tasks.
And next Blog – I’ll tell you about all the other things I get to do.

Why Did I Become a Celebrant?


Welcome to Soulful Ceremonies First Blog

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

When I speak with friends and others in the community there appears to be a belief that Celebrants only have a job on Saturdays – to stand in front of a number of guests, with the Bride and Groom, and officiate a 20 minute ceremony – then go home. Easy gig, right?  Well – if that’s all it is, I don’t think I would love it as much as I do.

Many years ago, when I first had the thought of becoming a Celebrant, I also thought much the same thing. In fact, what stopped me proceeding at that time, was the fact I still had a young child, and I didn’t want to be working at my ‘real’ job Monday to Friday, then take up a Saturday job!  Little did I know what “being a Celebrant” involved.

As time went on – my life changed – my youngest child grew up – I was still working full time, but I still had a strong desire to be the person that people would choose to make their love story come true and officiate at their wedding.

Ten years ago, I was finally accepted by the Attorney’s General Dept as Registered Civil Celebrant – PHEW!

The complete journey was not exactly a romp in the park – it had lots of research, study, videos, and assignments, taking a large chunk out of my busy week. Unfortunately – or fortunately – depending which day I look at it – I also became a Senior Manager within a Palliative Care Service the very same month. Naively – I thought perhaps I could do both!  How mistaken was I!

There were some very ‘stand out in my memory’ weddings I did officiate at in those early years, for some very special friends that I will remember forever – but really, I realised then, just how much time it took to prepare for each wedding. The job I had at the time, left little room for what was required to set up and run my own business as a Celebrant.

One day I realised I really wanted to be a full-time Celebrant – so I left my paid job!

The process was not quite that simple or straight-forward. I find life offers us many choices – and unless we are in a position where we truly trust that we are doing is the right thing – we will always find barriers that prevent us from moving forward. Whilst I loved the field I was working in – I also knew I needed to fully commit to being available to my business ‘Soulful Ceremonies’– if I was going to succeed as a Celebrant. When I opened myself up to that and trusted my decision-making – I became a full-time successful Celebrant!

I can honestly say – I have never regretted that decision – apart from the initial financial uncertainty – but I always trust the Universe to lead me in the right direction – and it hasn’t let me down yet!

Once I am closely involved with the beautiful couples who want to plan for their amazing ceremony to commence their married life together,

I become so immersed with the privilege of helping them to create their ‘love story come true’ day.

Keep posted – and I will fully explain what I actually “do” as a Celebrant in my next Blog.