Naming Ceremonies

Celebrating your name is such a wonderful thing to do. Whether it is for your baby – older child or perhaps as an adult there is a name change. Together, we can create the right ceremony for the right moment.

You may choose to welcome your beautiful new arrival with family and friends in a meaningful ceremony, which you can help design. This is a wonderful way of officially introducing your baby to the world – your world of family and friends.

‘Supporting adults’ can be nominated – those special people who will make an investment in your child’s development and also support parents throughout your child’s growing years.

There are many options to mark this moment; creating a time capsule, planting a tree, lighting a candle, a wishing well or many other significant ways of making this day special.

A Naming Ceremony can also be celebrated when the child is older or even if an adult chooses to change their name later in life – celebrating a wonderful new chapter.

A beautiful Naming Certificate is presented during this ceremony.

There are no legal requirements for this ceremony.

I would love you to contact me so we can discuss how I can help.