Funerals / Memorial Services DEATHWALKER


As a Deathwalker – I am accepting of my own journey towards death as openly, courageously and as best I can.  I also walk with, or accompany others in their own death journey – and also their family and friends.

I can offer care guidance and information to empower, inform and enable others to be as open, courageous and the best they can.

I run Workshops and provide individual sessions for people wishing to plan for their end of life – whether they are well or closer in their death journey. I am also able to offer Bereavement support.

Having worked in both palliative care and Bereavement Services over many years, I understand many issues around death and grieving and will support you with a unique ceremony for the person you are farewelling. You do have many options of how you would like to proceed with this.

Planning a funeral, or memorial service, can be very sad and often challenging. It is a time to farewell someone close to you while also celebrating the life of that person. Always remember you have choices around this event. I can discuss ideas with you.

I will meet with you and the family to discuss the service, capturing an image of your special someone. I can write or assist with the eulogy and liaise closely with the Funeral Director to ensure the ceremony is well-coordinated and runs smoothly. You have many choices you may not know about.

I also offer an option to visit you within a month of the funeral so we can talk about how you felt about the funeral. I also provide resources and support for your grief experience.

COST:   Including a follow-up visit within a month of the funeral       $650

Funeral/Memorial Service only – with no follow-up                                                    $550