Your Day Your Way. I create the most significant beginning of your future. This moment changes your life forever. It is the start of the rest of your life together and your amazing ceremony places an indelible mark on your memory. Find out more.

Pre-Marriage Education

How well do you know each other? Would you like to learn how better to deal with your future together – the great and the unexpected? Find out more.

Vow Renewals

Why wait until it is your 50th anniversary – or even your 25th anniversary,  to publicly – or privately, re-commit your marriage? Find out more.

Naming Ceremonies

Celebrating a name is such a wonderful thing to do. Whether it is for your baby – older child or perhaps as an adult there is a name change. Together, we can create the right ceremony for the right moment. Find out more.

Heart Healing – Loss Transformation

Are you ready to take the next step and “get on” with the next stage of your life?  Now is the time to embrace your “new world”. Find out more.

Funerals – Memorial Services – End of Life Guide/Consultant

I am a Funeral Celebrant, but also an End of Life Consultant/Guide – also known as a Deathwalker. Find out more.