Why Did I Become a Celebrant?


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I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

When I speak with friends and others in the community there appears to be a belief that Celebrants only have a job on Saturdays – to stand in front of a number of guests, with the Bride and Groom, and officiate a 20 minute ceremony – then go home. Easy gig, right?  Well – if that’s all it is, I don’t think I would love it as much as I do.

Many years ago, when I first had the thought of becoming a Celebrant, I also thought much the same thing. In fact, what stopped me proceeding at that time, was the fact I still had a young child, and I didn’t want to be working at my ‘real’ job Monday to Friday, then take up a Saturday job!  Little did I know what “being a Celebrant” involved.

As time went on – my life changed – my youngest child grew up – I was still working full time, but I still had a strong desire to be the person that people would choose to make their love story come true and officiate at their wedding.

Ten years ago, I was finally accepted by the Attorney’s General Dept as Registered Civil Celebrant – PHEW!

The complete journey was not exactly a romp in the park – it had lots of research, study, videos, and assignments, taking a large chunk out of my busy week. Unfortunately – or fortunately – depending which day I look at it – I also became a Senior Manager within a Palliative Care Service the very same month. Naively – I thought perhaps I could do both!  How mistaken was I!

There were some very ‘stand out in my memory’ weddings I did officiate at in those early years, for some very special friends that I will remember forever – but really, I realised then, just how much time it took to prepare for each wedding. The job I had at the time, left little room for what was required to set up and run my own business as a Celebrant.

One day I realised I really wanted to be a full-time Celebrant – so I left my paid job!

The process was not quite that simple or straight-forward. I find life offers us many choices – and unless we are in a position where we truly trust that we are doing is the right thing – we will always find barriers that prevent us from moving forward. Whilst I loved the field I was working in – I also knew I needed to fully commit to being available to my business ‘Soulful Ceremonies’– if I was going to succeed as a Celebrant. When I opened myself up to that and trusted my decision-making – I became a full-time successful Celebrant!

I can honestly say – I have never regretted that decision – apart from the initial financial uncertainty – but I always trust the Universe to lead me in the right direction – and it hasn’t let me down yet!

Once I am closely involved with the beautiful couples who want to plan for their amazing ceremony to commence their married life together,

I become so immersed with the privilege of helping them to create their ‘love story come true’ day.

Keep posted – and I will fully explain what I actually “do” as a Celebrant in my next Blog.

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