It’s still a Wonderful Life

Wow – what just happened?  The entire world paused for a few months!    How did you manage isolation?  Lots of people I know, do not want it to end – they are enjoying too many aspects of this ‘new’ life. I know we are still …not there yet, but perhaps we are adapting a little better.

I do, however, acknowledge the loss of lives and the many people who have been unwell   – and my heart and love reach those families.

So…. working from home has meant: less travel – less pollution – more productive family/relationship time – not getting out of bed quite so early – forgetting what it is like to wear shoes! And the list goes on.

And, although we look forward to when things can slip back into gear,  the social calendar has not been quite so full – no pubs or clubs open – no restaurants open for dinner – no cinemas.

                                                     As a Celebrant – this is how I survived\thrived:

I am so lucky to live close to many nature walks – I only need to go out my back door – I do love the Dandenong Ranges!

I did enjoy conducting some small weddings – no more than five people. Those weddings were especially intimate and so filled with love – but like you, I am now looking forward to the larger weddings.

Have you been one of those couples who have had to postpone? My heart and thoughts go out to you – because I know the story from so many of my already booked couples – this has not been a good time.

But – I am always the glass half full person – so it may have given you more time to consider different aspects you wish to include in your wedding. You may have had more time to save more money for your honeymoon – even though it might still need to be in Australia – we have some beautiful places here. You might have had time to reconsider your guest list. More people – fewer people?

How has this lock downtime affected the relationship you have with that amazing person you are going to marry? Has it strengthened or stretched? These have been interesting times – and I am not sure I know any person, who has not had a challenging moment/day/week with those they love. This is all part of a solid strong and ever-evolving relationship – if you come through it, you are stronger. I also know there have been some who have had deeper clarity – and have realised, the person they were about to marry was not the right person for them – or they the right person for their partner. This can be devastating – but it is so much better to receive that clarity now, rather than the heartbreak further down the years. From all adversity and challenge we learn and discover new strengths and resilience.

Finding out about ourselves, and the person we are about to marry can be very illuminating – and during these last few months, we may have discovered things about ourselves that we did not know. We may have also found out things about our partner we did not know. Relationships are continually changing and growing, but what we have just experienced – and continue to in many respects – may have highlighted this even more.

If you have enjoyed getting to know each other more and want to take it to a deeper level -please consider booking two sessions for “Relationship Strengthening”. I offer this service as part of Soulful Ceremonies. Whilst this IS NOT counselling – I do have a Social Work/Counselling background which enables me to facilitate these sessions. Check it out on my website

Relationship Strengthening is designed to educate couples about themselves and each other – a tool to facilitate a happy and solid marriage. It has 2 sessions – 1½hours each, offered day and evening. I am now also offering this on ZOOM if you prefer not to travel up to Upper Ferntree Gully – but who would not want to travel up to this little slice of paradise? This is a great opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply and understand aspects of your partner you may not know.

Call me now – 0474 128 869 to book your first session.

I would love to hear how creative you have been with your entertainment during these lockdown weeks. I have heard some great stories about adventures people have had within the confines of their own home.

I put together a list of ideas – we still can not resume our normal entertainment just yet – so here are some ideas to stop the boredom or routine.  Here is the link. ENJOY.